Inside Network
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Providing news, data, and resources for social media and mobile app professionals.
About Us

What do we do?

Inside Network provides expert market research, data services, critical analysis, and news on the Facebook platform, social gaming, mobile applications, and social commerce.

Who is our clientele?

Our clients include application developers, marketers, investors, and advertisers in the social and mobile spheres.

Who cites our content?

Our research is cited by a variety of industry-leading technology, news, and business publications.

When were we founded?

Inside Network was founded in 2006.

Where are we based?

San Francisco, California

Who are we?

Inside Network is made up of a team of passionate perfectionists who geek out on the latest Facebook features, addictive new social games, trendsetting mobile apps, and data analysis.

Inside Network is a division of Mediabistro Inc. (NASDAQ: MBIS).

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